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Privacy Questions and Answers

Revision Date: December 21, 2020

These questions and answers supplement, but does not replace, either the general Website Terms of Use or the Online Privacy Notice for the use of this Site. In the event of a conflict between the terms of these questions and answers and the terms of the general Website Terms of Use or the Online Privacy Notice, the terms of these questions and answers will be subject to the applicable statement.

What information DataArc requires for your account: To setup your account DataArc requires your profession, program, name, email, position (faculty, student, etc.), log in name, and password. Your program may require additional information like address and phone number.

What information DataArc collects at log in: DataArc itself collects information every time you log in, among these, but not limited to these, are web browser and version, operating system and version, and IP address.

What information DataArc collects via user input: DataArc collects whatever information is pertinent to fill out the appropriate form.

Who has access to your information: You almost always have access to the information where you are the person of record. There are two exceptions: various program surveys (e.g. CoARC Student Survey) are generally not available once submitted. Those listed as Clinical Instructors in the system (as opposed to faculty) do not get to see student evaluations of them. In general program faculty, medical directors, staff, committee members, and guests can examine almost all the records of that program. Clinical instructors, who are not listed as faculty, have access to most of the records that list them as the clinician of record. Items listed as "public" that are self entered (e.g. public email address) are accessible by everyone in that program. If requested by the appropriate accrediting body, program information will be made available. DataArc will comply with an appropriate request by law enforcement or judicial subpoena.

Third party access to information: DataArc has never and will not sell any information to any third party. DataArc has made anonymous records available to academic researchers. The data submitted is as minimal as possible and is just what is required to complete the research. No names or programs are ever given.

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The servers will shut down sometime on May 31, 2024. Last full day of access will be Thursday, May 30,2024.

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